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If you don’t have time to run our Try It Now demo with your own files, we invite you to review these sample files processed through our RecordBoss AI.

Sample 1: We processed the raw file through RecordBoss to identify and highlight key terms. This approach is perfect for quick merit reviews, record reviews, and demand letters. Approximate Cost: $0.05 - $0.08 per page.

Sample 2: We logically organized this record and then processed the file through RecordBoss. This approach is perfect for larger files as well as sharing/reducing costs for expert witness reviews, deposition prep, and trial presentations. Approximate Cost: $0.15 per page.

Sample 3: We engaged our Nurse Review Team to produce a customized review. We can tailor your review to be as general or as targeted as needed! Please contact us for an overview of this service.

Comprehends and converts Handwriting into searchable text.

Converts any unstructured and degraded image(s) into a fully searchable OCR file.

Stores content to a database that can be reviewed, highlighted, and create custom outputs

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Scan multiple documents in seconds.

The most accurate OCR in the industry.

Complete document searching built-in.