Advanced AI Scans Your Records For Data You Define.

We do Search and Text Extraction Better Than Anyone.

RecordBoss Can Bring Your Documents To Life.

Advita is pleased to introduce RecordBoss, a new service for identifying information in PDF and Word documents and many other image formats. RecordBoss uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to reliably identify and extract information without the use of a pre‐existing OCR layer.

RecordBoss can accurately identify key data in electronic medical records including:
  • ICD‐9/10 diagnostic and procedure codes
  • CPT® & HCPCS billing codes, dates, and fees
  • Generic and named brand drugs
  • Searching of handwritten text
  • Medical devices with model numbers
  • Identify and organize all dates in any format
  • Identify any custom terms or phrases
Additional RecordBoss services also include:
  • Excel report of all drugs ordered by doctor
  • Excel chronology of medical events
  • Comparison of billing ledgers to Medicare RVUs
  • Privilege log searching
  • Identification of poor‐quality pages
  • Web‐based real‐time reporting
  • Long‐term storage and retrieval of records
  • Custom programming services

Seamless LITIFY Integration

The Advita Api Integration allows for a seamless hand off between Litify and Advita making managing and ordering medical records stream lined and hassle-free. With the components being intuitive additions to the page, this puts a simple set of question at the user’s fingertips allowing them to order what they need quickly. By installing the Advita app into your existing ecosystem, it allows you to reference your available parties for a specified matter directly in the app.This paired with an integration Advita’s Medical Providers and a database of over 500 k providers and counting, it is easy to find the right provider, every time.

The Advita App allows for hassle free installation by leveraging the flexibility of the Litify Platform enabling you to be up and running with minimal resource investment, allowing you to accomplish what you need today rather than tomorrow.

RecordBoss can identify most handwriting and automatically annotate and highlight any matched data. Most files are processed and available in just a few seconds. Files can be uploaded directly to the RecordBoss web portal, submitted through the RecordBoss API, or automatically retrieved from any popular cloud‐based file service including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, and many more. RecordBoss does not require traditional OCR processing prior to processing.

RecordBoss adheres to the best practices for protecting documents and data. Documents are stored securely using AES‐256 encryption and RecordBoss maintains a rating of A+ from Qualys SSL Labs ensuring SSL encryption is properly configured between remote client locations and RecordBoss services. RecordBoss also maintains compliance with the HIPAA privacy rule.

→ Click here to view our PDF with more details on RecordBoss