To provide clients an advantage with a more efficient and effective

document retrieval, organization, and summarization process.



Leveraging years of professional retrieval experience and custodial relationships,

Advita is taking the next step in providing Law Firms, Insurance Companies and Corporations

the ability to manage a more efficient and effective document retrieval and review process.

Static documents are brought to life and enhanced with organization and

summarization tools that save time and money. Advita is here for you.


We make your document retrieval requests work for you.

From retrieval to organization and summarization, Advita greatly reduces the time needed to request, retrieve and review documents all while providing secure access and storage; a clear line of sight throughout the process and the ultimate control over the final product.


Submitting a request
for retrieval. We keep it simple.


Simply contact your dedicated Advita Retrieval Analyst to established a customized solution. From completing on-line forms to sending an email, we can get started based on your preferences, not ours. An experienced staff, a broad portfolio of forms and a rich custodian contact database serve as the foundation for a successful retrieval process. It’s about getting the right forms to the right person right away. We recognize that turnaround time is dependent on both our ability to follow-up and the custodian being responsive to the request. To efficiently control this task we have a dedicated staff focused on prioritizing your request and expediting the retrieval process. And if you are not sure, check on us, our process monitoring tools are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Why spend your valuable
time sorting through
sizable documents
with no logical order?

Logical | Custom | Convenient

Our DocOrg product organizes your records in chronological order (or reverse) and sorts them in a 6 or 12 tab organization hierarchy. Coding your documents by document type helps you understand the sequence of events quicker. Special cases call for special services. In the event that you would prefer to have a personal tabbing system for document organization, we can accommodate that as well. Advita provides easy navigation through intelligent PDF formats with bookmarks and documents organized by date. This allows you to quickly search voluminous records for the information you need.


Created by certified medical professionals helping organize the story based on medical experience.

Qualified | Detailed | Comprehensive

Advita also provides summarizations by qualified medical professionals helping organize the story based on medical experience. Our nurse review specialists are trained to organize and link documents to a timeline which eliminate(s) time spent sorting, organizing, and summarizing.
As with all Advita’s services, you tell us what level of detail works for you.
Our objective is to make your review more convenient and effective.
We do not practice law, but we are accountable to those who do.


Advita’s management team is stacked with deep and diverse experience that works to your advantage.

You can trust your request in the hands of an Executive Management Team that average more than 20 years’ of experience

in litigation support, e-discovery, operations, account management and most importantly Record Retrieval.


Bruce Duff

Chief Executive Officer
Advita founder. Over 20+ years’ managing and owning multiple companies in the legal/litigation support fields.

A. Christine Giordano

Director of Nurse Review
10 years experience as a critical care nurse. 20 years litigation experience for both plaintiff and defense. Licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell®. Named Pennsylvania Super Lawyer for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Mark Pearce

Joined Advita in 2013. Former Executive Vice President of MBNA and Bank of America with 20+ years’ of financial services operations experience.

Chris Tafaro

An Advita founding partner. Over 25 years in the legal/litigation support fields as sales manager, GM and owner.

Barbara Ganley

Chief Client Officer
10 years with Advita. Certified Paralegal with 20+ years in the legal field including project management and operations.



Mark Pearce

1504 N. Broom Street, Suite 2
Wilmington, DE, 19806
P. 302.383.7046
F. 302.428.9252



Blake Hales

National Sales Director
180 W. Washington, Suite 330
Chicago, Il, 60602
P. 312.660.2272
F. 312.762.3160


Jennifer Dragon

Regional Director
3850 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 119
Metairie, LA, 70002
P. 504.800.6400
F. 504. 507. 8187


Mary Foley

Regional Director
12124 High Tech Ave., Suite 190
Orlando, FL, 32817
P. 407.745.5901
F. 407.907.6466


Barbara Ganley

Chief Client Officer
1800 JFK Boulevard, Suite 604
Philadelphia, PA, 19103
P. 215.569.9155
F. 215.569.0690



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