Advita has perfected the record retrieval process.  An experienced staff, a broad portfolio of forms, and a rich database of custodians serve as the foundation for a successful retrieval process.


From completing online forms to sending an email, we get started based on your preferences, not ours. With your dedicated Advita Analyst, they will work with you to establish a customized solution for your needs. It’s about getting the right forms to the right person right away.


We recognize that turnaround time is dependent on both our ability to follow-up and the records custodians being responsive to the request. To efficiently control this task, our Case Specialists follow up systematically with custodians to expedite the collection of your records. And if you are not sure, check for yourself. Our process monitoring tools are available 24 hours seven days a week.


All records are converted to PDF format and made text searchable through the OCR process (Optical Character Recognition). The records are then hosted on our secure, online client portal. Here, you may view, download and print your records without restriction to time or number of downloads.


Need physical copies of records? No problem. Advita delivers the records to your specification. From tabbed, bound records to placing all records on electronic media, we have the best solution for your needs. Getting ready for trial? Be sure to check out our Document Organization offerings.


We know how frustrating it is to have to flip through hundreds of pages to find that one, critical entry in the records. So why not start your record review with organized documents structured by provider, record type, and date?

Whether you provide the records or we retrieve them, let us do the organization. Our custom tabbed, hyperlinked, and chronologically organized record significantly decreases your navigation time. Need to go one step further? Check out our nurse summarization products.


Maximize your valuable time, start your review with a summary, chronologically organized and prepared by a medical professional. With a Nurse Review, you will review the facts as they occurred with the benefit of highlights from a Nurse’s perspective. Navigate your review with tools that allow you to move from point to point with ease and quickly find the important facts you are looking for. We have three varieties to choose from…

Initial Claim Evaluation (I.C.E.)

A summary that highlights the key elements of a medical claim linking the injury to the claim and identifying pre-existing conditions. A brief analysis is given in a few short paragraphs based on the case and findings within the records to inform you of your next decision.

Targeted Claim Assessment

A more detailed summary highlighting a focused set of criteria (i.e. only head and neck injury references) with details on pre-existing conditions and answering your specific questions. This service is delivered in a hyperlinked package ready for your review, deposition or hand off to your expert.

Comprehensive Nurse Review
A deposition/trial-ready comprehensive review and summary of every relevant detail in the medical records. Receive a chronological timeline, summarized by a qualified medical professional. The final product comes as a PDF file, organized, hyperlinked and inclusive of a billing summary. Get more records after the review is complete? No problem. Our reviews live the life cycle of a case and can be updated at any time. In addition, we present the summary in a stand-alone Word document to allow for a quick scan of the contents of the file.

Medical Billing Analysis

From deciphering ICD9 and ICD10 codes to determining off-sets, let us do the calculations so that you can determine the medical care costs related to your case.  Spreadsheets, hyperlinked PDF’s, word documents, we’ll deliver the summary in the format that best suits your needs.

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